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Kioku no Umi is © to Shuichi.
It's been running since 2003 to the present year.

About Kioku no Umi

It all started way back when in fifth grade when I really got into surfing the internet. I built a webpage (no longer online, unforunately) with Geocities page builder, and from there, went to websites like Lissa Explains It All and W3Schools Online Web Tutorials to get a better understanding of HTML and various other coding.

Then in 2006, I purchased a domain (hosting, name, the works.) I set everything up and my domain, originally was online. About several months after the web domain was online, I switched domain names to fit the title of my collective, and everything went good for awhile; I set up my projects, hosted some friends (and complete strangers) and was set. Then, last year (2008), I had a nasty little run in with the company I was hosted at (the name will be excluded because I don't feel it's necessary to post it and then there is the little tid bit that the company no longer exists.)

The company had claimed that there was some hacking or "not tolerated" content going on with my account. They froze it, told me that they wanted me to pay some obscene amount of money, and kept harassing me - it turns out that the URL they sent me to see if I recognized it (which is where the hacking was taking place) was something that had never been on my account before; it was a directory never uploaded by me anytime before they froze my account. So, I got suspicious, talked to them a bit more, and eventually... their whole website disappeared off the face of the internet, and all of my files with them.

And stupid me, never made a backup, so I... lost everything.

Then, about a month or so after that, I found a forum post on Anime Fanlistings from the lovely, and godsend, Danielle that she was willing to host someone (whether it be a collective, fansites, fanlistings, or all of the above). And I applied, got accepted, and this is where I wound up for quite awhile.

But then I wound up moving again, and so here I am, hosted by the lovely Kya of! :D

Kioku no Umi, is basically a collective or directory of all of my sites that I have uploaded on the internet, and then some. The name of my collective, Kioku no Umi, originated from a Yuu Yuu Hakusho doujinshi with the same title. I liked what the name translated to, "Sea of Memory", and it has just stuck ever since.

I have tried to rename the collective numerous times over, but, I always end up changing it back to good ol' Kioku no Umi.

I'm not sure what else there is to say about the collective, I think that is about it for it's history. =D